The one-day license

  • Posted on Ottobre 30, 2017

Those without a license issued by the FCI, ACSI, UISP or an association recognized by CONI or the UCI can obtain a one-day ACSI FREE TIME license at a cost of € 10.
The license, which is to be requested at the time of registration, provides the rider with the required insurance.

The insurance cover in the daily card is issued in compliance with the Decree of November 3, 2010, in Official Gazette 20 December 2010 No. 296 implementing the Law no. 289, and subsequent amendments and additions, which introduced compulsory insurance for amateur sportsmen.
IMPORTANT! Only medical certifications confirming fitness to participate in competitive CYCLING activities are acceptable. Certifications should be sent to UNTIL at 8th May (for Corsa per Haiti) and 09th July (for Marathon Bike per Haiti).
We will reply to your documentation by sending you forms to fill out. If you do not receive any e-mails from us, please contact us to verify the actual receipt of the requested documentation.